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Volume 9 - No. (1) 2017

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-A Commentary on the New Sudanese Arbitration Act of 2016 – by Al Kosaimi Salah Ahmad

-Enforcement of Arbitral Awards and the Recovery of Assets in Qatar: is Bankruptcy an Optimal Solution?- by Yassin El Shazly

-The New Qatari Arbitration Law in Light of the Modern Principles of Commercial Arbitration – by Sultan Al-Abdulla and Yassin Elshazly

-Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Foreign Awards: The DIFC Conduit – by Karim Nassif and Farah El-Hajj Purice

-Where Does the Arbitration Clause Stand in Algerian Case Law- A Legal Regime in the Making – by Yakout Akroune


Algerian Case Law

-Supreme Court – File No. 662514 – 5 May 2011  International Commercial Arbitration – Summary Enforcement of an Arbitral Award – Challenge – International Arbitral Award Issued Abroad Cannot be Challenged by Way of Annulment or Amendment Before the Algerian Judicial Authorities – Even if the Challenge Relates to Summary Enforcement – By Accepting the Challenge the Council Judges Exceeded their Power – Ruling Subject to Reversal and Annulment – Annulment of the Contested Ruling

Bahraini Case Law

No. 1–Court of Cassation – First Circuit – Challenge No. 185/2013 – 2 February 2015  Challenge of the Court of Appeal’s Ruling – Appointment of an Expert by the Court – Claim Inadmissible Due to the Existence of an Arbitration Clause – Appeal of the Judgment – Rejection of the Appeal – Challenge Before the Court of Cassation – Alleged Misapplication of the Law Because the Dispute Did not Fall Within the Scope of the Arbitration Clause – Alleged Inexistence of the Arbitral Clause after Termination of the Contract Containing it – Challenge Unfounded – Rejection of the Challenge – Commentary by Salah Ahmed El-Madfaa

No. 2–Court of Cassation – Challenge No. 148/2002 – 3 March 2003  Challenge of the High Court of Appeal’s Ruling – Insurance Policy – Agreement to Settle any Medical Dispute by Two Experts – Alleged Non-Compliance With the Time Limit to Claim the Amount – The Agreement is Allegedly not an Arbitral Clause but a Mere Agreement on the Appointment of Experts – Dispute not Related to a Medical Matter – Challenge Unfounded – Challenge Rejected

Egyptian Case Law

No. 1–Cairo Court of Appeal – Seventh Commercial Circuit – Arbitration No. 65 of 132/n – 6 January 2016  Arbitral Award – Challenge for Invalidity of the Arbitral Award – Failure to Mention the Address of the Parties – Failure to Attach the Arbitration Clause Not Requirements Under Egyptian Law – Annulment is not a Goal in Itself and Cannot be Requested Without Legal Interest – Rejection of the Annulment Claim

No. 2–Cairo Court of Appeal – Seventh Commercial Circuit – Arbitration Case No. 66 of 132/n – 4 November 2015  Arbitral Award – Lack of Independence of the Arbitrator as a Ground to Annul the Arbitral Award – The Bias of the Arbitrator Violates the Principle of Equality Between the Parties – Breach of Impartiality is a Matter of Public Policy – Elements of Impartiality are not the same for the Judiciary – Arbitrator’s Connection to the Facts and the Parties was Known from the Outset – Claim Rejected

Jordanian Case Law

No. 1–Court of Cassation – Case No. 2247/2015 – 7 February 2016  Arbitral Award – Challenge – Contract for Works Concluded with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing – Arbitration Clause – Impossibility of Resorting to Arbitration – Subject of the Arbitration Falls under Public Policy – Arbitral Tribunal Ruled Ultra Petita When it Exceeded the Arbitration Agreement and the Parties’ Claims by Ruling on the Payment of Expenditures – Reversal of the Ruling – Remittal of the Case to a Lower Court

No. 2–Amman Court of Appeal – Case No. 36969/2014, 11 November 2015  Arbitral award – Bank Did not Hand Over the Promissory Notes and Documents as Required by the Award – Ruling on the Conclusiveness of the Arbitral Award – Res Judicata Granted by Court of First Instance – Plea to Annul the Arbitral Award Irrelevant As Res Judicata Granted– Reversal of the Appealed Ruling Granting Conclusive Effect and Res Judicata by the Court of First Instance – Remittal of the Case to the Court of First Instance

Lebanese Case Law

No. 1–Civil Court of Appeal – First Chamber – Decision No. 244/2016 – 24 February 2016  Domestic Arbitral Award – Appeal – Withdrawal of an Arbitrator – Alleged Invalidity of the Arbitral Tribunal’s Composition – Validity of the Arbitral Tribunal’s Composition According to the Court – Absence of the Arbitrator’s Signature on the Award – Non-Submission of a Document to Discussion – Arbitrator Doing his Own Investigation – Alleged Violation of Public Policy (No) – Alleged Violation of the Rights of Defense (No) –
Alleged Disregard of Party’s Claims – Not a Ground for Appeal – Appeal Rejected

No. 2–Beirut Court of Appeal – Decision No. 591/2016, 10 May 2016  Domestic Arbitral Award Rendered in Ex Aequo et Bono – Request for Annulment  – Expert Report – Reliance thereon by the Arbitrator – Matter Relating to the Merits of the Dispute – The Court Does not Examine the Merits in the Action for Annulment – Request for Annulment Rejected

Moroccan Case Law

-Higher Council – Commercial Chamber – First Division, 5 January 2000  Arbitral Award – Challenge – Alleged Violation of the Rights of Defense and Failure to Respond to the Parties’ Claims – 
Insufficiency of the Motivation and Lack of Legal Basis of the Contested Decision – Request Rejected

Omani Case Law

No. 1–High Court – Commercial Circuit – Challenge No. 430/2016 – 27 September 2016  Arbitral Award – Challenge – Request to Suspend the Arbitral Award Enforcement – Invalidity of the 
Appointment of a Sole Arbitrator – Not in the Jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal – Administrative Contract – Jurisdiction Should Go to the President of the Administrative Court of Justice – Impermissible to Settle in Matters Related to Public Policy – Decision Issued by the Court of Administrative Appeal on the Nullity of the Arbitral Award is Irrevocable – Res Judicata – Challenge Rejected 

No. 2–High Commercial Court – Case No. 230/2013 – Commercial Circuit No. 9/2013  17 April 2014 – Arbitral Award – Challenge – Plea of Forgery – Case Still Under Investigation by the Public Prosecutor – The Arbitral Tribunal did not Suspend the Proceedings – Alleged Invalidity of the Arbitral Award – Incorrect and Groundless Basis – Challenge Rejected

Saudi Case Law 

No. 1–Board of Grievances – Jeddah’s Eighth Administrative Court – 28 September 2016  Award Rendered in London Under the GAFTA Rules – Interests Granted on the Amount Awarded – Request for Partial Enforcement of the Award Without the Interest – Respondent Alleged that the Amount Claimed by Claimant is in Violation of the Principle of Reciprocity – Alleged violation of the Shari’a for Awarding Usurious Interests – Principle of Reciprocity Can Only be Invoked in Case of Existence of a Bilateral Agreement – Not Awarding Interests Does not Annul the Arbitral Award Requested to be Enforced in its Entirety in Accordance with the New York Convention Ratified by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Enforcement of the Appealed Award

No. 2–Board of Grievances – Administrative Court of Appeal at the Makkah Region – First Commercial Circuit – 2014-2015  Administrative Lawsuit – Arbitration Clause – Request for Referral to Arbitration – Request Granted – Conciliation Settlement Put an End to the Dispute – Request to Confirm the Conciliation Settlement – Confirmation of the Termination of the Lawsuit by the Court

Sudanese Case Law 

-National Supreme Court – Civil Circuit – Challenge No. 1641/2012 – 10 May 2012  Arbitral Award – Challenge Submitted Outside the Legal Time Limit – Award Vitiated Because of Manifest Errors in the Application and Interpretation of the Law – District Court Misinterpreted the Law and Erred – Decision of the Competent Court is Final – Cannot be Subject to any Challenge Brought Against it Before the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court – Dismissal of the Request for Lack of Jurisdiction

Syrian Case Law 

No.1–Damascus First Civil Court of Appeal – Decision No. 24 – 2 March 2016  Joint Venture Contract – Arbitral Clause – Decision to Nominate a Sole Arbitrator as Amiable Compositeur – Absence or 
Resignation from his Mission Lead to the Expiry of the Arbitration Clause – Parties Did not Nominate Another Arbitrator Despite the Tribunal’s Request – Appeal Rejected

No. 2–Court of Cassation – First Chamber – Decision No. 93 – 21 April 2014  Arbitral Award – Challenge – Arbitral Award Should be Signed by all the Arbitrators – Arbitrator’s Refusal to Sign the Award – Necessity to Mention the Reasons for the Refusal – Presence of the Arbitrator During the Issuance of the Award – Challenge Rejected

UAE Case Law 

No. 1–Court of Cassation – Commercial Challenge No. 303/2014 – 19 April 2015  Challenge – Arbitration Clause Imposing a Condition to Resort to Arbitration Prior to Resorting to State Courts – 
Mediation and Conciliation Clause – Impermissible for the Petitioner to Blame the Respondent in Cassation for Not Choosing a Person as a Mediator and Conciliator – Challenge Unfounded – Challenge Rejected

No. 2–Commercial Court of Cassation of Abu Dhabi – Challenge No. 447/2010 – 30 September 2010  Arbitral Award – Challenge – Flaws that May be Invoked for Annulment Purposes are Exclusively Enumerated in Article 216 of the Code of Civil Procedure – Any Other Challenge is Inadmissible – Insufficient Substantiation and Error Committed by the Arbitrator are not Grounds for Annulment – Ruling not Annulled by the Failure to Reply to a Defense not on the Merits that  Does not Change the Findings Reached in the Case – Arbitrator Obligated to Respect the Time Limit – Parties Explicitly Agreed to Extend the Time Limit – Challenge Rejected

Yemeni Case Law
-Supreme Court – Arbitral Circuit, Tribunal (B) – Commercial Appeal No. 55461 – 13 November 2014  Arbitral Award – Challenge – Alleged Violation of the Law Because of the Nullity of the Terms of Reference – Alleged Bias of the Arbitrator who Had Previously Represented the Respondent – Ground Concerning the Impartiality of the Arbitrator Never Raised in the Case of Invalidity – Purpose of the Challenge is to Delay the Dispute – Appeal Rejected


I. Arbitration Updates on New and Recent Laws, Cases and State Activities

II. Conferences, Trainings and Seminars

III. Miscellaneous News about Lawyers, Law Firms and Other Institutions

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-The Sudanese Arbitration Act 2016
-The Qatari Arbitration Act No. 2 of 2017 Applying the Civil and Commercial Arbitration Law

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