International Journal of Arab Arbitration

Volume 7 – No. (2) 2015

Table of Contents


- Arbitration in the Dubai International Financial Center – By Natasha Bakirci, Mahika Hart, Reza Mohtashami and Shamlan Al Sawalehi

- The Requirements for an Effective Multi–Party Arbitration Clause in Construction Contracts–By Hazem Hussein



Egyptian Case Law

-Cairo Court of Appeal – 62 commercial area – Appeal No. 14 of the year 130 – Session of 10 September 2014 ¾ Arbitral Award – Dissenting Opinion – Challenge Against the Award – Alleged Non-Application of the Law Agreed Upon by the Parties by Disregarding Egyptian Law No.112/1985 – Dissenting Opinion not Included in the Award – Egyptian Law as Applicable Law – Arbitral Tribunal Applied Egyptian Law No.43/1979 – Egyptian Law Duly Applied – No Power for the Court to Rule on the Correct Application of the Egyptian Law – Signature of the Majority of the Arbitrators Sufficient for the Validity of the Award – Inclusion of the Dissenting Opinion not Required – Challenge Dismissed.



Iraqi Case Law

-Federal Court of Cassation, Decision No. 112 / B / 2013 – 18 November 2013 ¾ Arbitral Award – Request for Confirmation Before the Commercial Court of First Instance – Request Dismissed – Court’s Decision to Set Aside the Award Instead Based on Article 272 of the Iraqi Arbitration Law – Award Rendered Without Supporting Evidence – Material Procedural Default – Award Exceeding the Scope of the Arbitration Agreement – Appeal Before the Federal Court of Appeals in Bagdad – Alleged Misapplication of the Law by the Court of Appeals – Court of Appeals Having Duly Applied the Law – Appeal Dismissed – Challenge of the Appeal Decision Before the Court of Cassation – Challenge Dismissed.


KSA Case Law

-Board of Grievances – Commercial Court of Appeal (undated) ¾ Consultancy and Design Agreement – Arbitration Clause – Rules of Arbitration of the Saudi Council of Engineers – Cancellation of the Agreement – Refusal by One of the Parties to Appear Before the Saudi Council of Engineers – Recourse to the Commercial Court of Appeals – Request to Refer the Parties to Arbitration – Relationship Between the Parties not Commercial – Lack of Jurisdiction – Request Dismissed.


Lebanese Case Law

-President of First Instance Chamber– Decision 13/46– 30 March 2015 ¾ Arbitration Agreement – Ex Aequo Et Bono Arbitration – Sole Arbitrator – No Agreement Between the Parties on the Sole Arbitrator – Obstacles as to the Appointment of the Sole Arbitrator – Jurisdiction of the President of the First Instance Court in Beirut Under Article 764 of the Lebanese Code of Civil Procedure – Encountered Obstacles Not Affecting the Validity of the Arbitration Agreement – Obstacles not Due to the Ambiguity of the Arbitration Agreement – Appointment of the Arbitrator by the President of the First Instance Court.


Tunisian Case Law

- Tunis Court of Appeals Case No. 1003053 Session of 7 November 2013 ¾ Distribution Agreement Relating to a Tunisian Trademark – Arbitration Clause – Request for the Extension of the Arbitration Clause to Include Several Companies Before the Tunis Court of Appeals – The Companies’ Alleged Participation in the Formation and Execution of the Contract – Arbitral Tribunal’s Exclusive Jurisdiction Regarding the Extension of the Arbitration Clause to Third Parties – Request Dismissed.

UAE Case Law

- Dubai Court of Cassation appeal No. 212 in 2014 – Civil Session of 8 January 2015 ¾ Institutional Arbitration – Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC) – Arbitrator’s Immunity – Arbitrator’s Issuance of the Award Outside the Arbitration Time-Limit – Action for Liability Against the Arbitrator Before the Dubai Merits Courts – Action Dismissed by the First Degree Courts – Recourse to the Dubai Court of Cassation – Principle of the Immunity of the Arbitrator Under Article 24 of the DIAC Statutes – Exception in Case of Gross Professional Fault or Excessive Negligence – Estimation of the Gross Professional Fault within the Discretionary Powers of the Merits Courts – None Established – Action Dismissed.


-ICSID Award – Case No ARB/11/33 – 3 November 2015 – Adel Hamdi El Tamimi against Sultanate of Oman ¾ Investment Agreement Between Two Companies Owned by Adel El Tamimi (An American Citizen) and an Omani State Entity for Extraction of Stone Materials – Lease Agreement Between One of the Two Companies and the State Entity – Works Completed – Termination by the State Entity of both Agreements – Recourse to ICSID Arbitration Against the State of Oman on the Basis of a Convention Between Oman and the USA – Convention’s Effective date Being 1 January 2009 – Convention Applicable the Termination of the Investment Agreement – Requirements for the State to Be Liable for the Acts of One of its Entities – Effective Supervisory or Administrative Powers – Not Satisfied – State of Oman not Liable for the State Entity’s Acts. Commentary by Hady Slim.



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