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Volume 7 – No. (1) 2015

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 -ADCCAC: New Rules … a year later − by Karim Nassif



Egyptian Case Law

No. 1 - Cairo Court of Appeals – Commercial Circuit No.62 – Arbitration Case No.23 for judicial year of 128 - Audience dated 4 August 2014 Ύ Arbitral Award – Challenge for Annulment Before the Court of Appeals – Award not Registered with the Court’s Registry – Not a Ground for Annulment as it is Subsequent to the Rendering of the Award – Not a Ground under Article 53 of the Law on Arbitration – Challenge Dismissed.


No.2 – Cairo Court of Appeals, Eighth Commercial Circuit – Arbitration Case No. 13 for judicial year No.128 - Audience dated 20 April 2014 Ύ Extension of the Deadline for the Submission of an Action for Annulment in the Event the Award is not Notified to the Convicted – Inadmissibility of a Request to Stay the Enforcement of the Arbitral Award by Way of a Counter- Request – An Arbitration Clause Is Deemed Valid if it was Validly Included in one of the Agreements in a Multi-Party Contract – The Proof of Forgery of a Document Containing an Arbitration Clause Is not Sufficient to Declare the Nullity of the Clause – A Res Judicata Effect of a Decision vis-ΰ-vis an Arbitral Award Requires Identity of the Parties, of the Subject-Matter and of the Grounds – The Annulment Judge Does not Control the Validity of the Arbitrator’s Examination of the Facts and Application of the Law – the Annulment Judge Has no power to Amend the Arbitral Award.

Jordanian Case Law

-Court of Cassation - Case number 360/2014 - 16 June 2014 Ύ Arbitration Proceedings – Grounds for Setting Aside the Arbitral Award Restrictively Mentioned in the Jordanian Arbitration Law – Most of the Grounds Relating to Procedure – Arbitral Tribunal’s Authority to Settle Part of the Claims Before Rendering the Final Award – No Requirement that the Award Be Issued in the Name of the King.


Lebanese Case Law

-President of the Court of First Instance in Mount Lebanon - First Arbitration Chamber - Decision No.4/2015 dated 4 February 2015 Ύ Partnership Agreement – Arbitration Clause – Procedure for the Constitution of the Tribunal – Dispute as to the Appointment of Arbitrators – Reluctance from a Party to Appoint an Arbitrator on its Behalf – Jurisdiction of the President of the Court of First Instance to Rule on the Issue.

Moroccan Case Law

No.1 - The Court of Appeals in Casablanca, Civil Chamber - Decision No. 5799 - 14 April 2014Ύ Arbitration Proceedings – Arbitration Proceedings – Arbitrator’s Contractual Relationship with the Parties – Obligation to Render a Decision – Failure to Issue an Arbitral Award or Opinion within the Arbitration Time-Limit – Liability Towards the Parties – Order for the Arbitrator to Restitute the Fees.

No. 2 - The Court of Appeals in Casablanca – Commercial Chamber - Decision No. 253/2012 - 17 January 2012 Ύ Commercial Credit Agreement – Clause for Amicable Settlement and Arbitration – Direct Recourse to the Emergency Judge of Casablanca – Order Issued by the Emergency Judge – Appeal Against the Order Before the Court of Appeals – Appeal Admitted and Order Reversed – Violation of the Provisions of the Contract for Resorting to the Judge Without Complying with the Clause’s Amicable Settlement Procedure.

Omani Case Law

-Court of Appeal in Muscat - Commercial Circuit - Decision No. 628/2013 Ύ Arbitral Award – No challenge Against the Arbitral Award by Ordinary Means Under Omani Law – The Action for Annulment as Sole Procedural Means to Set Aside an Arbitral Award – Request for the Setting Aside of the Arbitral Award Before Muscat Court of Appeals – Alleged Misinterpretation of the Arbitration Agreement - Said Allegation Falling Outside the Jurisdiction of the Annulment Judge - Dismissal of the Action.

Qatari Case Law

-Court of First Instance - Plenary Court - 8thCircuit - Case number 2768/2012 - 24/6/2013 Ύ GCC Arbitral Award – GCC Arbitral Award – Challenge for the Setting Aside of the Award – Insufficient Substantiation of the Legal Grounds or the Error Relating Thereto a Ground for Annulment – Arbitral Award’s Distinction from Judicial Decisions with Respect to their Validity – Concept of the Contradiction Vitiating the Award – Inability to Understand the Basis on which the Tribunal Settled the Case – An Arbitration Center’s Headquarters Not Unrelated to the Place of Arbitration – The Arbitral Tribunal’s Power to Determine the Place of Arbitration Unless the Parties Have agreed To Do so – None of the Grounds for Annulment is Satisfied – Challenge Dismissed.

Syrian Case Law

-Court of Cassation - First Civil Chamber - Decision No. 49 - 10 March 2014 Ύ Arbitral Award – Action for the Setting Aside Thereof – Arbitral Tribunal’s Decision not to Stay the Proceedings Pending the Results of the Criminal Proceedings – Not a Ground for Annulment.


Tunisian Case Law

-Tunis Appeal Court, Case No. 25825, Session of 13 March 2012 Ύ Arbitral Award Rendered in Equity – Request for its Setting Aside Before the Tunis Court of Appeals – Limited Grounds – Violation of Public Policy – Ruling by the Arbitral Tribunal on Issues Outside its Jurisdiction – Improper Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal – Violation by the Arbitral Awards of Fundamental Principles of Due Process – Conflicting Reasoning – A Ground for the Setting Aside – Arbitral Award Violating Sections 42 (4) & (5) of the Arbitration Act – Setting Aside of the Arbitral Award. Commentary by Anis Bettaieb.

UAE Case Law

No. 1 – Dubai Court of Cassation – Dubai – Challenge in Cassation No. 320 of 2013 – 22 June 2014 ― Sale of a Real Estate Unit Plan – Not Recorded on the Interim Real Estate Register – Dispute Relating Thereto May Not Be Submitted to Arbitration – Cannot Be Subject to Conciliation – Dispute Includes Matters that can and others that cannot be subject to Compromise – The Entire Dispute Cannot Be Submitted to Arbitration – Annulment of the Arbitral Award.


No. 2 –Dubai Court of First Instance– Case No. 688 of 2014 – Commercial First Instance – 17 September 2014 ― Arbitral Award –Not Subject To Any Means Of Recourse – Annulment Thereof Which may Be Requested – Request For Annulment Relates To Public Policy And may Not Be Violated – International Conventions are Considered an Internal Law That Should Be Applicable – Arbitration Agreement Is Valid Only If Signed by a Person Having Legal Capacity to Dispose of The Right – Manager Of The Limited Liability Company Has the Capacity to Agree on Arbitration Unless Explicitly Forbidden By Virtue of The Memorandum of Association – Failure to Furnish the Proof of Delegation of an Another Person to Sign the Arbitration Clause – Nullity of the Arbitration Clause – Nullity of the Arbitral Award.


KSA Case Law

-Board of Grievances – Commercial Circuit – Undated Ύ Clause for the Amicable Settlement of Contractual Disputes – Recourse to Arbitration in Case The Settlement Fails – A Dispute Between the Parties – Recourse to State Courts – Plea for Lack of Jurisdiction for the Existence of An Arbitration Agreement – Arbitration Agreements Subject to the Will of the Parties – Requirement of the Agreement of the Parties to Cancel such Agreement – Requirement to Comply with the Clauses Concluded Between Muslims – Lack of Jurisdiction of the Court on the Existence of an Arbitration Clause.

Yemeni Case Law

-First Commercial Appellate Division – Decision n°407 – Hearing held on 10/9/2013 Ύ Arbitration Agreement – Appointment of Four Arbitrators – Arbitration Proceedings Conducted by Three Arbitrators – Issuance of the Arbitral Award – Violation of the Provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure – Public Policy Provisions – Qualification of the Award as a Transaction - Application for Setting Aside the award – Annulment Granted.



-ICSID Case No. ARB/11/7 - National Gas S.A.E. v. Arab Republic of Egypt - 3 April 2014 Ύ Initiation of an Arbitration Before the ICSID by an Egyptian Company Against Republic of Egypt – Inadmissibility of an ICSID Arbitration from a National Against its own State – The Same Applies for those Holding a double Nationality - Exception Provided at Article 25 (2) (b) of the ICSID Convention – National Legal Entity Having Foreign Control – Majority of the Company’s Shares Owned by another State – Recourse to Arbitration Inadmissible – Lack of Jurisdiction of an ICSID Tribunal with Regards to the Dispute.


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