International Journal of Arab Arbitration

Volume 10 - No. (1) 2018

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- Commentary on the Saudi Royal Decree No. M/34 – by Wissam Hachem

- Analytical Perspectives on the New Egyptian Investment Law – by Hossam Gamaleldin

- The Good, the (Not) bad and the Uncertain: The Impact of the UAE's new Federal Arbitration Law – by Bill Smith and Maria Mazzawi



Algerian Case law

–Supreme Court – Case No. 0914221 – 7 November 2013 ¬– Challenge of Decision of an Appeal – Appealed Decision Setting Aside the Arbitral Award – Annulment Based on Violation of Article 1006 of the Code of Civil and Administrative Procedure – Public Entities May not File for Arbitration – Party to the Arbitration is a Joint Stock Company Not a Public Company – Commercial Nature of the Company – Commercial Companies May be Party to Arbitration – Article 1006 is not Applicable – Appealed Decision Overturned

Bahraini case law

–Bahraini Court of Cassation – Challenge No. 2015/316 – 12 June 2017 – Challenge of the Judgment Invalidating the Arbitral Award – Alleged Violation of Article 239 of the Code of procedure – Obligation to Include a Copy of the Arbitration Agreement in Arbitral Award – Annulment of the Judgment Invalidating the Arbitral Award – Purpose of the Article Achieved in the Arbitral Award Itself – Award Rendered Within the Limits of the Subject Matter of the Arbitration Clause – Within the Limits of the Powers of the Arbitral Tribunal

Egyptian case law

No. 1 –Cairo Court of Appeal – Commercial Circuit 62 – Challenge No. 77 of 132 Judicial Year – 4 January 2016 – International Arbitration – Challenge of the Arbitral Award – Court Stating its Lack of International Jurisdiction to Hear the Dispute – Application of Article 9 of the Arbitration Act No. 27 of 1994 – Arbitral Award Rendered in London – Annulment Subject to English Law – Parties Did not Agree to Subject it to Egyptian Law

No. 2 –President of the Cairo Court of Appeal – Commercial Circuit 8 – Appeal No. 22 of the  Year 129 BC – 18 January 2015 – Appeal of the Enforcement Judgment of the Arbitral Award – Alleged Violation of Partiality and Independence of the Arbitrator – Alleged Violation of Public Policy – Rejection of the Appeal – Invalidity of the Grounds of Appeal – Application of  the Egyptian Arbitration Act – No Restrictions to Appoint Relatives as Arbitrators – Grounds Already Invoked and Rejected – Res Judicata

Lebanese case law

No. 1 –President of the First Chamber of Beirut – Decision No. 68/29 – 19 June 2017 – Domestic Arbitration – Request by the Claimant for the Appointment of an Arbitrator – Respondent’s Allegation of Invalidity of the Arbitration Clause on the Basis of Article 763 of the Code of Civil Procedure – Arbitration Clause Must Contain the Name and Profession of the Arbitrators or the Modalities of their Appointment – Appointment of an Arbitrator by the Court – Respondent Already Invoked the Arbitration Clause before the National Courts – Violation of Good Faith by Respondent – Violation of the Estoppel Principle – Illegality of Respondent’s Allegations

No. 2 –First Chamber of Beirut – Decision No. 34/31 – 3 July 2017 – Request for Stay of Civil Proceedings by Respondent – Pending the Issuance of a Judgment before the Criminal Court – Request for Stay Based on Article 199 of the Code of Civil Procedure – Respondent Alleged Criminal Falsification and Use of Falsified Documents – Respondent Alleged Lack of Capacity of the Limited Liability Company to Request the Annulment of the Arbitration Clause – Claimant Alleging that Subject Matter of the Case is the Arbitration Clause – No Need for a Stay of Civil Proceedings – Court Considered Signature of the Contract Subject Matter of the Civil Case on the Basis of the Allegedly Falsified Documents – Court Decision to Suspend the Proceedings – Until a Final and Binding Judgment by the Criminal Court

Sudanese case law

 –Supreme Court – Civil Circuit – Case No. 117/2011 – 28 February 2011 – Challenge of Court of Appeal’s Judgment – Appeal Judgment Dismissing the Case Based on the Existence of an Arbitration Clause – Defendant in the Challenge Alleging the Arbitration Clause Independence vis a vis the Contract – Supreme Court Confirming Dismissal of the Case – Dissolution or Termination of the Contract Not Affecting the Arbitration Clause – Defendant in the Challenge Raising the Arbitration Clause in the First Hearing and the Submission of the Response – Appealed Judgment Valid

Syrian case law

–First Court of Appeal of Damascus – Arbitration Case No. 80 – 28 September 2016 – Enforceable Title Request Based on an Arbitral Award – Respondent Did not Raise any Arguments Invalidating the Arbitral Award – Appointment of the Chairman is the Sole Right of the Arbitrators and not the Parties’ as Long as the Arbitrators Agree on the Appointment – The Approval by the Supreme Judicial Council of the Appointment of an Arbitrator is an Administrative Procedure – Procedure Not Questioning the Validity of the Arbitration – The Arbitrators Shall not be Asked About the Evidence Relied Upon for Rendering the Award – Enforceable Title Attached to the Arbitral Award Granted

UAE case law

No. 1 –Dubai Court of Cassation – Commercial Appeal – No. 2015/613 – 18 September 2016 – International Arbitration – Challenge of the Judgment Recognizing the Arbitral Award – Alleged Violation of the Law and Alleged Misapplication – Purported Corruption – Signature of the Arbitration Agreement by a Person with no Legal Capacity – Application of Article V of the New-York Convention – Party Requesting the Refusal of the Recognition of the Arbitral Award Must Prove the Incapacity of the Signatory of the Arbitration Agreement – Such Evidence Established by the Moving Party – Refusal of the Recognition of the Arbitral Award – Challenged Judgement Reversed

No. 2 –Dubai Courts – Case No. 411/2015 – Real Estate – 22 June 2016 – Challenge of the Arbitral Award – Signatory of the Contract Allegedly not the Director of the Company – No Capacity to Agree on Arbitration – Alleged Invalidity of the Arbitral Award – Arbitral Agreement Not-Included in the Arbitral Award – Non-Inclusion in the Arbitral Award of the Parties’ Requests for Relief – In Accordance with Article 215 of the Code of Civil Procedure – Director of the Company May Delegate Others to Sign – Article 212 of the Code of Civil Procedure – Evidence of the Content and Compliance with the Scope of the Arbitration Agreement in the Arbitral Award is Sufficient – Validation of the Arbitral Award by the Court


–ICSID Case No. ARB/11/33 – Award – 27 October 2015 – Adel A Hamadi Al Tamimi v Sultanate of Oman – ICSID Arbitral Award – United States National Brought Claims Against the Sultanate of Oman – Under the Agreement Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Sultanate of Oman on the Establishment of a Free Trade Area – Claimant Invoked Expropriation – Alleged Violation of National Treatment Standard – Arbitral Tribunal Dismissed All Claims – Actions not Attributable to Respondent – Lack of Evidence of Expropriatory Effect – Lack of Evidence of Bad Faith Treatment. Commentary by Gordon Blanke

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–UAE Federal Law No.6 of 2018 on Arbitration

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