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Managing Editor: Jalal El Ahdab, PhD, Attorney at law in Beirut (Lebanon), Paris (France) and New York (USA).


Assisting Editorial Board: Patricia Mounayer, General Secretary of the Editorial BoardRoula Hajj, attorney at law in Beirut, Lebanon – Samar Moghaizel, attorney at law in Beirut, Lebanon – Nadine Ghassan Abdallah, PhD, attorney at law in Beirut, Lebanon and Aix, France – Michelle Sequeira, Esq., (Florida, New York, England and Wales – Ruth Stackpool-Moore, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South of Wales and High Court of Australia, Former Managing Counsel at HKIAC – Myriam Eid, attorney at law in Beirut,– Isabelle Westbury, English Reviewer (Oxford University, England).




FOR CASE LAW IN EACH JURISDICTION: Algeria:Fawzi Al-Naimi, Doctor in Law teaching at the Faculty of Economics, Commerce and Management, Sidi-Bel-Abbes University– Bahrain: Salah Al-Madfaa, Attorney at law – Nassib Ziadé, Chief Executive Officer of the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution – Egypt: Mohamed Amine Al-Mahdi, Former Minister of Justice, Magistrate, Former President of the Egyptian State Council – Fathi Wali, Former Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Cairo University, Attorney at law,– Nabil Omran, Vice-President of the Court of Cassation, President of the Public Prosecution before the Court of Cassation; Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Doctor in law, Professor of law, Cairo University, Attorney at law; Burhan Amrallah, Former President of the Cairo Court of Commerce ; Karim Hafez, Doctor in law,Attorney at law, Arbitrator ; Karim Youssef, Doctor in law, Attorney at law –– Iraq:Abdul Latif Nayef, Magistrate, Vice-President of the State Council, Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague – Amir Kazem Al-Chamri, Magistrate – Jordan: Georges Hazboun, Doctor in law, Dean of the faculty of law, Amman University; Zaher Jordaneh, Attorney at Law – Ousama Bitar,Attorney at law – Kuwait: Nasser El Zaid, PhD in law, Former Secretary General of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre, Attorney at Law – Badria Al Awadi, Former Dean of the Faculty of Law in Kuwait, PhD in law – Lebanon: Fayez El Hage Chahine, Associate professor of law, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, St. Joseph University, Attorney at law; Michel Soumrani, Professor at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, St. Joseph University, Attorney at law – Hadi Slim, PhD in law, Professor, Paris 1 University, Attorney at law; Muhieddine Kaïssi, PhD in law, Attorney at law, Professor at the Faculty of Law, Former Secretary General of the Lebanese Arbitration Centre – Waël Tabbara, Former magistrate, PhD in law, Attorney at law – Abdel Hamid El Ahdab, PhD in law, Chairman of the Arab Association for International Arbitration, Attorney at law; Mohammad Amine Daouk, Secretary General of the Arab Association for International Arbitration, Attorney at law – Libya: Mohamad Ibrahim Ouerfelli, Judge in the High Court of Libya; Dr. Othman Said Al-Muhaishi, Member of the Public Prosecution at the Libyan Supreme Court – Morocco:Abdul Rahman Al-Misbahi, Head of Chamber at the Moroccan High Court – Abdallah Darmish, Former President of the Casablanca Bar Association, PhD in law, – Oman: Hamed Bin Khamis Salem Al-Jahwari, Judge; Moussa Al-Izri,President of the Court of First Instance – Qatar: Khaled Ben Abdullah El Obeidly, Judge;Khawar Qureshi, Queen's Counsel in London ; Prof. Nader M. IBRAHIM, Ph.D. Professor of Commercial & Maritime Laws, College of Law, Qatar University – Saudi Arabia: Mohamed Al Hoshan, PhD, attorney at law in Riyadh; Salah El-Hujeilan, Attorney at law, Arbitrator, President of the Arab European Centre for Arbitration – Sudan: Alkousaimi Salah Ahmad Mohammad Taha, Assistant Professor, Sudan Open University, PhD in law – Al-Sahabi Hasan Abdul Halim, Attorney at law, Secretary General of the Arabic Center for Arbitration in Khartoum, Arbitrator– Syria:Ahmad Haddad, attorney at law; Abdul Hanane Al-Issa, Attorney at law, President of the Arbitration Committee of the Aleppo Jurists AssociationFadel Hadiri, Attorney at Law, Arbitrator – Tunisia:Ahmad Ouerfelli,Former Magistrate, Former Legal Advisor for the President of the Republic, Attorney at Law; Lotfi Chedli, Professor of law, Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences in Tunis, Attorney at law – UAE:Habib Al Mulla, PhD, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), Attorney at law; Hassan Arab, PhD in law, Attorney at law – Taj El Sir Hamed, Counsel at the Department of Judicial Inspection at the Dubai Ruler’s CourtYemen: Shaher El Salihi, Secretary General of the Yemeni Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration.

FOR INVESTMENT ARBITRATIONS INVOLVING ARAB STATES OR INVESTORS: Walid Ben Hamida, PhD, "Maître de Conférences" at the University of Evry and Sciences Po-Paris (France)


Austria: Nikolaus Pitkowitz, PhD, attorney at law in Vienna, Vice President of the Vienna International Arbitral Center – France: Michael Bühler, PhD, attorney at law in Paris, member of the Düsseldorf, New York and Paris Bars; Thomas Clay, Professor of law at Paris 1 University and Former Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Versailles; Emmanuel Gaillard, attorney at law in Paris, Chairman, International Arbitration Institute (IAI); Jan Paulsson, Attorney at law, Professor of law, Miami University – Germany:Richard Kreindler, PhD, attorney at law in Frankfort and New York – Italy:Giorgio Bernini, attorney at law in Italy, Honorary President and Advisory Member of the International Council of Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) –Singapore: Michael Hwang, Senior Counsel with the Supreme Court of Singapore, Chief Justice of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) – Spain: Bernardo Cremades, Professor at Madrid University, President of the Spanish Court of Arbitration, attorney at law and arbitrator – Sweden: Kaj Hobér, Professor of law at Uppsala University, chairperson Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC), attorney at law in London – Switzerland: Markus Wirth, PhD, Honorary President of the Swiss Arbitration Association, attorney at law in Zurich – United Kingdom: Toby Landau, Queen’s Counsel and arbitrator; Loukas Mistellis, Professor of law, Queen Mary University, Member of the Athens Bar Association, Chairman of the CEDRAC Court in Cyprus – United States of America: Donald Francis Donovan, Former President of the International Council on Commercial Arbitration (ICCA), Attorney at law in New York; Caline Mouawad, Attorney at law in New York and qualified lawyer in Paris; Anne-Marie Whitesell, Professor and director of international dispute resolution programs, Georgetown University Law Center.


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