International Journal of Arab Arbiration

Volume 5 - No. (3) 2013

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  • Iraqi Draft Law on Arbitration ― By Fawzi Mohammed Sami
  • Enforcement of New York Convention Awards in the UAE: The Story Re-told ― By Gordon Blanke


Bahraini Case Law

  • Court of Cassation – First Circuit, Challenge No. 101 of 2010 – Dated 2 April 2012 ― Award Issued Under the Arbitration Centre of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – Award Registered with the Bahraini Courts – Request for Enforcement of the Award Before the Bahraini Courts – GCC Arbitration Centre Is an Independent Judicial Authority – Underlying Contract Executed and Performed in Saudi Arabia and Award to Be Enforced There – Bahraini Courts Have no Jurisdiction to Rule on the Enforcement – Request for Enforcement Dismissed.

Jordanian Case Law

  • Constitutional Court – Decision No. 2/2013 – Dated 3 April 2013 ― Jordanian Arbitration Law No. 31/2001 – Article 51 Granting the Right to Challenge the Court of Appeal’s Decision to Set Aside an Arbitral Award – No Right to Challenge the Court of Appeal’s Decision Confirming the Validity of an Arbitral Award – Request Pertaining to the Unconstitutionality of Article 51 Before the Court of Cassation – Request Transferred to the Constitutional Court – Requirement that the Legislator Protects Individuals’ Rights and Freedoms Under Article 28/1 of the Jordanian Constitution – Legal Requirement for the Equal Treatment of Individuals Before the Law Under Article 6/1 of the Constitution – Double Degree of Jurisdiction Being a Fundamental Right Aiming to Protect the Litigants’ Rights Before the State Courts – Such Right to Be Equally Provided to all Individuals – Article 51 Unequally Granting such Right to one of the Parties in a Dispute – Violation of Article 51 of the Constitution – Article 51 Declared Unconstitutional

Lebanese Case Law

  • President of the Beirut Court of First Instance – Decision No. 2/44 Dated 14 January 2013 ― Arbitration Clause – Appointment of the Arbitrators by the Beirut Court of First Instance – Recourse to the President of the Court for the Appointment Procedure – Challenge of the Jurisdiction of the President – Jurisdiction of the President of the Court Is Mandatory and Exclusive as per Article 764 of the Code of Civil Procedure – Challenge Dismissed – Purported Invalidity of the Arbitration Clause for not Having Determined the Number of Arbitrators – Arbitration Clause Valid Provided it Determines the Procedure of Appointment – Default Appointment Procedure in case of an Uneven Number of Arbitrators – Respondent’s Defences Dismissed – Three-Member Arbitral Tribunal Appointed by the President of the Beirut Court of First Instance.

Qatari Case Law

  • Court of First Instance – Commercial and Civil Execution and Summary Matters – No. 59 – 1 July 2012 ― Entrepreneurship Agreement Containing an Arbitration Clause – Delay in the Implementation of the Works – Request for Interim Measures Pertaining to the Appointment of an Expert – Request for Interim Measures Before Courts not Precluded by the Existence of an Arbitration Agreement Unless Agreed Otherwise – Expert Committee Appointed by the Court. Commentary by Minas Khatchadourian.

Syrian Case Law

  • Court of Appeal of Damascus – First Civil Section – Decision No. 5 Dated 25 January 2012 ― Arbitral Award – Third Party Opposition Requesting to Set Aside the Award Pursuant to Article 50 of the Arbitration Act – Request to Set Aside Arbitral Awards Under the Arbitration Act Is Reserved to Parties to the Arbitration Proceedings – Third Party Is not a Party to the Arbitral Award or to the Arbitration Agreement – Arbitral Awards Have the same Effect as Court Decisions Once Recognized – Third Parties can only Oppose an Arbitral Award Before the Court that Issued the Decision as per the General Rules of Procedure – Opposition Request Dismissed

UAE Case Law

  • Dubai Court of Cassation – Appeal Case No. 156/2013 – Decision Dated 18 August 2013 ― Foreign Arbitral Award – Request for Enforcement Before the Dubai Court of First Instance – Request Dismissed for lack of Jurisdiction Under Articles 21 and 235 of the UAE Civil Procedure – Defendant not Having a Domicile in the UAE and Contract not Having Been Executed and Performed in the UAE – Decision Challenged Before the Court of Appeal – Challenge Dismissed – Challenge Before the Court of Cassation – Purported Misapplication of the Law as the Court Should Have Applied the New York Convention on Enforcement of Foreign Awards – Articles 21 and 235 of the UAE Code of Civil Procedure Purportedly not Applicable – Purported Contravention of the Rights of Defence – Challenge Rejected – Articles 235 to 238 of the UAE Code of Civil Procedure Applicable to the Enforcement of all Foreign Orders and Decisions Without Prejudice to International Conventions – The Law of Procedure of the State Where Enforcement Is Sought Applies to the Enforcement of Foreign Awards as per Article 3 of the New York Convention – UAE Courts’ Jurisdiction Applies only Where Defendant Has a Domicile in the UAE Pursuant to Article 21 of the UAE Code of Procedure – Republic of Sudan Having no Domicile in the UAE – No Jurisdiction for UAE Courts to Rule on the Enforcement Request. See Article by Gordon Blanke (Above).


  • Court of Cassation – First Civil Chamber – 29 June 2011 – PAPILLON GROUP CORPORATION (PGC) VS. ARAB REPUBLIC OF SYRIA AND OTHERS ― International Arbitration – Action for Annulment – Allegation of Partiality and Dependence of the Arbitrator – President of the Arbitral Tribunal Wrote two Newspaper Articles About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – PGC Not Concerned with the Conflict – Partiality and Dependence of Arbitrator not Proved – Principle of Collegiality – Necessity for Every Arbitrator to Debate any Decision with the Other Members of the Tribunal – Dissenting Opinion – Necessity to Prove the Deliberation Did not Take Place Regarding the Dissenting Opinion – No Proof – Non-Violation of the Principle of Collegiality – Arbitration Clause Signed by the "Arab Organization of Advertisement (GOLAN)” as a Syrian Public Establishment – GOLAN Having a Separate Legal Personality – Arbitration Clause not Signed by the Republic of Syria – Arbitration Clause not Extended to the Republic of Syria – Action for Annulment of the Award Dismissed. Commentary by Lina Hakim and Sβmi Hazoug.


  • International Chamber of Commerce – Final Award – 11 October 2007 – Case No. 12923/E.C – PAPILLON GROUP CORPORATION (PANAMA) VS. (1) ARAB REPUBLIC OF SYRIA; (2) ARAB ADVERTISING ORGANIZATION (AAO, GOLAN); (3) GENERAL ESTABLISHMENT OF EXTERNAL COMMERCE ― Organization of the 10th Session of the Mediterranean Olympic Games in Lattakia (Syria) Assigned to the Republic of Syria – Establishment by the Syrian Government of a Committee for this Purpose – Assignment of the Publicity of the Event to the Arab Advertising Organization (GOLAN) by the Committee – Contract Concluded Between GOLAN and Papillon Group Corporation (PGC) Granting the Latter Exclusive Advertising Rights – Contract Containing an Arbitration Clause – Dispute Pertaining to the Performance of the Contract – ICC Arbitration Claim Filed by PGC Against the Government of Syria and GOLAN – Government of Syria not Party to the Arbitration Clause – Contract Exclusively Signed by GOLAN – GOLAN Endowed with a Separate Legal Personality – Partial Jurisdiction Solely Regarding Claims that Were not Settled by a Previous Award Rendered in 2001 – Award Rendered Solely Against GOLAN. See commentary by Lina Hakim and Sβmi Hazoug (Above).


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Iraqi Draft Law on Commercial Arbitration Issued in 2011.
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