International Journal of Arab Arbiration

Volume 5 - No. (1) 2013

Table of Contents


  • Arbitrability Under UAE Law – By Karim Nassif
  • Arbitral Jurisdiction as an Indivisible Package: an Analysis of the Approach of the English and Tunisian Courts in Midgulf v. Groupe ChimiqueTunisien - One Issue, Two Perspectives – By Ahmed Ouerfelli and Iain Quirk.


Egyptian Case Law

  • Cairo Court of Appeal, Seventh Commercial Circuit, Arbitration Case No.4 of 128/N, Session Dated 7 September 2011 CRCICA Arbitral Award – Challenge Before the Cairo Court of Appeal – Failure to Comply With the Principle of Adversarial Process and Breach of the Right of Defence – Unequal Treatment of the Parties With Respect to the Disclosure of Powers of Attorney – Breach of the Right to Be Heard (No) – Both Parties Given the Opportunity to Present their Case – Appeal Dismissed.

Omani Case Law

  • Buraimi Court of Appeal, Commercial Circuit, Appeal No.32 T/S/2003, Dated 3 April 2011 International Commercial Arbitral Award – Request for the Setting Aside Thereof – Competence Ratione Materiae for the Court of Muscat – Jurisdiction Relating to Public Order – Jurisdiction that Can Be Raised by the Court Ex Officio – Jurisdiction that Can Be Invoked by the Parties for the First Time before the Supreme Court – Court of Buraimi not Competent to Rule on the Request for the Setting Aside of an International Arbitral Award – Request Dismissed.

Syrian Case Law

  • First Civil Court of Appeal in Aleppo, Decision Rendered on 23 December 2010 Request for Enforcement – Arbitral Award – Dissenting Opinion – Not Discussed in the Award – Public Policy Requirement to Discuss the Dissenting Opinion in the Award – Requirement that Can Be Invoked by the Judge Ex Officio – Enforcement Request Dismissed.

UAE Case Law

  • No.1- Court of Cassation, Case No.123/2009, Hearing Dated 15 March 2010 Arbitral Award – Dispute Relating to Employment Law – Dispute Relating to Public Policy – Dispute Incapable of Compromise – Dispute not Arbitrable Under the UAE Arbitration Act – Appeal Declaring the Award Null – Challenge of the Award Dismissed.

  • No.2- Dubai Court of Cassation, Decision dated 12 February 2012, Appeal No.180 of 2011 Arbitral Award – Rendered in a Real Estate Dispute – Order of Enforcement by the Dubai Court of Appeal – Registration of Real Estate is a Matter of Public Policy – Arbitration Impermissible in Matters of Public Policy – Appeal Decision Reversed for Ordering Enforcement of an Award Relating to a Non-Arbitrable Matter.

  • No.3- Federal Court of Cassation, Appeal No. 132 of 2012 (Commercial), Hearing of 18 September 2012 Foreign Arbitral Awards – Request for Enforcement Before the Dubai Courts – Dubai Court of First Instance Granting Enforcement – Challenge of the Order of Enforcement before the Court of Appeal – Submission of a Cross-Appeal Challenging the existence of the Arbitration Agreement – Enforcement Upheld and Cross-Appeal Dismissed for Lack of Jurisdiction – Challenge of the Appeal Decision for Having Denied Jurisdiction to Rule on the Existence of the Arbitration Agreement – Challenge Dismissed by the Court of Cassation – New York Convention Applicable to Foreign Awards – UAE Courts Do not Have the Power to Rule on a Cross-Appeal Challenging the Arbitral Tribunal’s Jurisdiction.

Yemeni Case Law

  • Supreme Court, Commercial Circuit, Commercial Appeal No. 44120, Hearing Dated 23 January 2011 Challenge of an Arbitrator – Conditions – Co- Arbitrators Are Siblings – Requirement to Raise the Issue before the First Instance Judges – Appellant Nominated the Challenged Arbitrator and Had Knowledge of his Situation – Challenge Dismissed.


English Case Law

  • London Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Decision Dated 10 February 2010, MIDGULF INTERNATIONAL LIMITED v. GROUPE CHIMIQUE TUNISIEN contract for Supply of Sulphur between a Cypriot Company and a Tunisian State- Owned Company − Dispute Relating to the Existence of an Arbitration Clause – Cypriot Company’s Application before the Queen’s Bench for the Appointment of an Arbitrator and the Issuance of an Anti-Suit Injunction – Request Pertaining to the Non-Existence of the Arbitration Clause Dismissed – Queen’s Bench Decision Challenged Before the London Court of Appeal – Decision Reversed by the Court of Appeal for the Existence of an Arbitration Agreement – Issuance of an Anti-Suit Injunction Against the Tunisian Company Compelling it to Go to Arbitration. See Article by Ahmed Ouerfelli and Iain Quirk (Above).


  • ICSID Case No. ARB/07/12 – 7 June 2012 – TOTO COSTRUZIONI GENERALI S.P.A. REPUBLIC OF LEBANON Bilateral Investment Treaty between Italy and Lebanon – Construction Contract between an Italian Investor and the Republic of Lebanon Under the BIT – Contract Conferring Jurisdiction to Lebanese Courts – ICSID Request for Arbitration Submitted by the Investor – Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal – Jurisdiction Partially Denied by the Tribunal – Tribunal to Rule on the Claims Only Relating to the BIT and not those Relating to the Contract – Requirements for Fair and Equitable Standards Under the BIT – Applicable Law not Agreed Upon by the Parties – Lebanese Law not Necessarily Applicable – No Delay in Expropriation – No Failure to Remove Syrian Troops from Work Areas – No Breach of the BIT for Modification of the Tax Rules – Investor’s Claims Dismissed. Commentary by Dany Khayat.


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