International Journal of Arab Arbiration

Volume 3 - No. (4) 2011

Table of Contents


  • The Syrian Arbitration Law: Four years after the enactment of Law No. 4 of 25 March 2008 – by Lina el-Hakim


Bahraini Case Law

  •  Court of Cassation – Second Circuit – Challenge No. 259/2009 – 4 May 2010 ― Ruling to Appoint Arbitrators – Proceedings Handled by the Court – Time Limit Starts to Run When Arbitrators Accept Their Mission – Confirmation of the Agreement on Arbitration in Writing – Determination of the Subject Matter of the Dispute Either in the Arbitration Agreement or During the Proceedings – Assessment of the Evidence submitted by the Court Ruling on the Merits of the Case – Prohibition to Agree on the Statutes of Limitation of the Case or on its Nonhearing in a Period Differing from the Period Established by the Law – Duty to Raise the Statute of Limitation Before the Court Ruling on the Merits of the Case – Challenge Rejected

Egyptian Case Law

  • Cairo Court of Appeal – Seventh Circuit – Commercial Arbitration No. 70 of 123j – 9 March 2011 ― Contract Signed Between [X] and [Y] Company – [Y] Company to Buy Stocks of the Founding Partners in [Z] Company by Virtue of Contract – Contract Containing Arbitration Clause – Arbitration Case Filed by Joinder of Remaining Sellers Requested by [X] – Award Ordering Solely [X] to Pay a Sum to [Y] Company – Request for Joinder Rejected – Action for Annulment Filed by [X] Against the Award – Rejection Thereof – Appeal in Cassation – Remittal of the Case to the Court of Appeal for Further Review – Action for Annulment Irrelevant – Rejection Thereof – Confirmation of Appealed Award

Jordanian Case Law

  • Court of Appeal – Request for Annulment No. 203/R/2009 – 23 March 2010 ― Arbitral Award – Request for Annulment – Legal Reasoning – The Control of the Arbitral Award Does Not Extend to the Merits of the Case – The Control by the Judge of Annulment is Procedural Provided Public Policy is Not Violated – Arbitral Tribunal Constituted by Agreement – Validity of Said Constitution – Findings of the Award Supported by Evidence – The Arbitral Tribunal Did Not Exceed Its Mission – The Arbitration Law Does Not Require the Payment of Duties and Stamps for the Deeds – Validity of the Arbitral Proceedings – No Failure by the Arbitral Tribunal to Examine Any Claim – Request for Annulment Rejected – Arbitral Award Upheld

Lebanese Case Law

  • Court of First Instance in Beirut – First Chamber – Ruling No. 14/55 – 8 March 2011 ― Arbitration Clause – Request for the Rendition of a Ruling Adjudicating the Nullity Thereof – Penal Action – "The Penal Proceedings Take Precedence Over the Civil Proceedings” – Request for Postponement of the Settlement of the Civil Action Pursuant to Said Rule – Rejection of the Request – Rejection of the Case

Omani Case Law

  • Court of Appeal – 19 October 2010 ― Employment Contract – Arbitration Clause Included Therein – Dispute Governed by the Provisions of the Omani Labor Law – Imperative Nature of Such Legal Provisions – Necessity of Disregarding the Arbitration Clause Set Out in the Contract – Annulment of Appealed Ruling – Remittal of the Case to the Court of First Instance for Settlement on the Merits

Qatari Case Law

  • Court of Cassation – First Civil Circuit – Challenge No. 85 of 2010 – 1 June 2010 ― Doha Securities Market (DSM) – Creation of an Exceptional Means for the Settlement of Disputes Relating to Transactions Performed in the DSM –Administrative Authority Entrusted With the Settlement of Said Disputes – Decisions Issued Thereby Final and Not Subject to Any Means of Recourse – Administrative Authority Different from the Ad Hoc Arbitral Tribunals Provided for in Article 13 of the Code of Civil and Commercial Arbitration No. 13 of 1990 – Confirmation of Appeal Decision – Rejection of the Challenge


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