International Journal of Arab Arbitration - Introduction

Launched in early 2009, the International Journal of Arab Arbitration (IJAA) is a biannually issued journal dedicated to publishing in English all types of legal information both related to arbitration on one side and the Arab World and Islamic Law on the other.
This includes scholarly articles, arbitration statutes and rules, arbitral awards as well as case law issued by State courts from various Arab jurisdictions. The IJAA also provides information in relation to non-Arab case law involving an Arab party and updates on current arbitration topics.
The IJAA quickly established itself as the only English publication in its field, enabling non-Arab speakers to get acquainted with Arab arbitration in all of its aspects.
In parallel, Majallat Attahkim Alíalamia was launched as a sister publication covering all aspects of domestic and international arbitration (whether or not related to Arab jurisdictions) but solely in the Arabic language but with the common purpose to institute a unified record for arbitration in the Arab World.

"We welcome anyone interested in publishing in the IJAA, as long as its contribution relates to the Arab arbitration world, laws and institutions and it has been approved by our editorial board. Please contact Ms. Patricia Mounayer ([email protected]) and/or email: [email protected]"


The International Journal of Arab Arbitration is a quarterly issued publication, offering a variety of legal and jurisprudential sources. You can make an annual subscription and receive four issues/year. You can choose to subscribe for a single issue, whether the one currently issued or a previous issue that you find interesting for your research. IJAA Online gives you an unlimited and easy access to the issue you purchase. The purchase process is easy and secure. You might also wish to receive it in paper version. These options and more are available for you today through the IJAA Online website.

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IJAA - Volume 12 - No. (1) 2020


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